Online Sissy Training Assignment #1

Welcome back sissies, Master has been getting a lot of questions and feedback on sissy assignments. There has been a lot of questions as to what the first assignment should be. Well the wait is over and a decision has been made.

The first assignment will be easy for you sissies. It is simple but will start your humiliation and sissy training. You will go out to the local department store and you will purchase one of the following colors of nail polish.

1) clear with sparkles

2) bright hot pink

3)slut red

You sissies can select your color based on how brave and sissy you are feeling. Along with purchasing your nail color, you will also be required to purchase a nail file, clippers, nail polish remover and cotton swabs.

You will purchase these items only from the store.  Then you will race home and make sure you have your digital camera ready sissies. You will want to apply a single coat of the color you selected, then let it dry. Next apply a second coat. Now I want a photo of your sissy purchases and the receipt. The second photo you will take will you of your newly painted nails holding the polish bottle.

Now for the hard part of your assignment sissy, you will leave that color on for  a minimum of 8 hours. I then want you to remove it and you can email me about your experience with this task and include the photos you have taken.

Good luck sissies


About masterthomas

I am a dominant male who has been training sissies online for years. Now I have heard a lot of sissies saying there are not a lot of resources out there. So i have decided to create a site where sissies can get free assignments and post their results.
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